About Us

DJ Group is a specialised firm with three core business arms - Health Care Services, Commercial Property and Business Finance.

Operating in South East Queensland since 2003, DJ Group is an Australian privately owned company with interests in Health Care Services, Commercial Property Investments and Business Finance.

our team

John Margerison - Director

John Margerison, an entrepreneur and strategy expert, brings 20 years of experience as a consultant and company director in key sectors: Capital Markets, Finance, Trade, Health, Retail, Infrastructure, Banking, Legal, Funds Management, Property, and Information Technology.

Mr Margerison’s insight, clarity and understanding of strategy in business across these industries has led to his demand as an advisor in assisting companies achieve traction and sustainability, merger/acquisition/listing goals and strategic outcomes. These companies range from top tier firms to small start-up companies.

Following the launch in 2004 of his own private secured short term lending company, DJ Capital, Mr Margerison led the purchase of a public lending financial services company in 2009. Following acquisition, market share and profitability of the purchased entity dramatically increased to the point that it was acquired 18 months later by an AMEX-listed company for a market capitalization 15 times the purchase price. Whilst divesting of the public company, Mr Margerison still retains interests in DJ Capital which has been in operation for over 10 years and is now a market leader in its niche field.

In 2012, Mr Margerison established DJ Health Pty Ltd and has since acquired two leading in-home support and personal care services companies, merging them into one. As a Director, Mr Margerison provides his wealth of capabilities in being able to engage with any product/service, identify client needs, and competently bring parties together to provide productive outcomes.

Living in Australia, Mr Margerison holds a Bachelor of Commerce and further study in Financial Services, Foreign Exchange, and Mortgage Lending. He currently holds a number of Board positions for companies operating in the areas of Infrastructure Development, Property Development, Algorithmic Trading, Health, and Financial Management.

Andrew Antonopoulos

Andrew Antonopoulos

Andrew Antonopoulos provides a unique perspective to DJ Group through his experience and background practicing taxation law (both domestic and international) as well as corporate and commercial law. Through practicing in both legal and accounting firms, Mr Antonopoulos has a particular skill set that is both analytical and commercially driven.

Mr Antonopoulos has provided advice to a number of property groups and understands the range of tax and legal considerations surrounding property acquisitions and portfolio management. With a sound understanding of general legal principles and a specialisation in taxation and commercial law, Mr Antonopoulos has a keen eye to mitigate risk and pursue appropriate opportunities when presented.

After graduating with a Juris Doctor (JD) and completing his Master of Laws in Corporate and Commercial Law (LLM), Mr Antonopoulos has practiced in the area of taxation law for nearly 10 years. This specialised experience, understanding of general principles of legal practice, and advisory positions with growing businesses is an asset to the Board and the business of DJ Health Pty Ltd.

Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Paul Davis, principal of the Brisbane-based legal firm Davis Lawyers, brings 28 years of experience practicing in the specialised areas of property law, banking and finance, mining, and acquisitions and mergers.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge in these areas, Mr Davis is well-respected having acted for a large number of financial institutions ranging from boutique financial institutions to mainstream banking institutions since being admitted as a solicitor in 1987.

Having undertaken a variety property development projects in his own right over the years, Mr Davis also holds a keen appreciation for the practical side of lending transactions.

Mr Davis’ provides integral expertise in assessing and documenting property based transactions, lending proposals, as well as assisting in enforcement proceedings against defaulting borrowers and guarantors Australia-wide.

Through his detailed understanding of these specialised practice areas, Mr Davis has developed unique industry-leading documentation tailored to the needs of private lenders and is recognised as an expert in this area.